living your best selfThe days are getting shorter. When the sun goes down, there’s a nip in air…Our skin also feels the change in the seasons. For those of us who live in Colorado, there’s some respite from the blazing sun (although every day is a sunscreen must).  The changing seasons give us a great reason to slow down a little and reflect on how our year is going so far. Are we meeting our goals for improved health and vitality? Are we looking better and better, even as time marches on?

The shifting seasons present a wonderful opportunity to consider a relaxing medical facial with our aesthetician, Laurel. We customize your medical facial just for you! Relax and rejuvenate in our beautiful spa-themed treatment room as Laurel mixes lotions and potions which can lessen acne damage, remove blackheads, minimize pores, discoloration and/or age spots and minimize fine lines. You will leave us feeling recharged, refreshed and more youthful.

Also, fall is the perfect time to get a head-start on looking outstanding for the Holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years’ are just around the corner… When we see family and loved ones we haven’t seen for a while, there is no better feeling than realizing we look better than we did when saw them a year ago! This is completely possible and a reality for most of our clients.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / September 14, 2015 / Med Spa