In late 2016, Dr. Janowski was named #19 in the US for his expertise with and use of Dysport®, Restylane and Sculptra. This HUGE honor took us by surprise. We know Dr. Janowski is an expert and long-time user of the products, but to be named #19 in the US was an extraordinary prize. (Think about it, #19 in the whole US!?!)

Sculptra, the long-term filler that stimulates your own collagen to grow in as the filler, has been one of our patients’ favorite products. It gives your face overall lift, while improving skin tone and texture. It is an especially good choice for our population of fit and thin Colorado women, who want to look more youthful in the most natural way possible.

In late 2015, we began to use Dysport® instead of Botox® in most cases as we found our patients preferred Dysport®. Dysport® can sometimes “kick in” faster than Botox®, and in some cases, also lasts longer. Both Dysport® and Botox® are going to give you a natural look by softening the wrinkles in your upper face.

Restylane filler, one of the oldest fillers, can be used in the lips (Silk), mid-face (Lyft), under the eyes, and in many other places to give you a natural, short-term volumization.

Dr. Janowski continues to train, hone, and advance his techniques on a daily basis.

It is an honor and a pleasure to bring his expertise to you each day!

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