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Men’s bodies and skin differ in many ways from women’s. At Sonata, we account for these factors with specially adapted treatment techniques and materials in order to achieve the best possible result for the male body.

Many men also tend to prefer a more rugged and natural look (especially in Colorado). Therefore we tend to focus on treatments that help you look less tired and stressed and therefore more youthful. Rather than removing every last wrinkle and fine line, we aim for an overall rejuvenated appearance. This can lead to a more naturally youthful appearance.*

With our male patients the main areas we address include: wrinkle treatment and prevention, body contouring, acne scarring, Rosacea (extreme redness), Gynecomastia (male breasts), and improved collagen production (for all around improved appearance and skin tone).

Our male patients usually first come to us for Dysport®, and we highly recommend this as a first step.Dysport® is a no down-time, no-pain treatment, and results can help you look younger and less “angry” or “worried”.

Nothing compares to looking your very best!

Wrinkle Treatment & Prevention*

Men’s skin is built differently from women’s skin: It is 20% thicker, produces more oil, contains more melanin and has better circulation. In contrast to women, men don’t generally seek to look younger, but rather “less tired”. In particular, men who work in high-profile fields and who frequently take part in social engagements often wish to appear “fresh” and full of energy.
Dysport® is ideal for treating frown lines, forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. After just a few days, you appear more calm and relaxed while the facial expression remains natural. The maximal effect is reached after about four weeks post-injection and will last for four to six months.

Dysport® Injections*

There are many ways that men can benefit from Dysport® injections. If you suffer from excessive sweating it can have negative effects in the workplace or on dates. Neuromodulator injections can reduce excess sweating, and many of our male patients find this treatment to be liberating.

Tension headaches can hamper your performance when the chips are down. They can also ruin your at-home time after tense days at work. Dysport® injections can relax tense muscles so you can avoid headaches, even when stress runs high.

And Dysport® injections can help you retain a youthful appearance when wrinkles appear on your forehead, between your brows, or at the corners of your eyes.

Restylane and other Fillers*

As we age, our face can lose volume. Aggressive fitness routines can also take away volume from our face. You want to look lean and hungry, but at a certain point that crosses over to emaciated and frail. Restylane and other fillers can help you stay at the perfect balance.

Med Spa*

Healthy, attractive skin is essential to help you look good and feel confident. People read your age, your health, and your energy from your skin. Our med spa services ensure your skin looks healthy and shows you to your best advantage. From the sales floor to the boardroom, the dance floor to the bedroom, great skin benefits men everywhere.

Skin Care*

mens services at sonataWe know a lot of you guys prefer to take responsibility for your own care. You don’t hire someone to fix your car or your plumbing—why would you hire someone to take care of your skin? But it takes the right tools for the right job—and that’s what we offer in our store. We will give you all the tools you need to give your skin a glow that will turn as many heads as your vintage roadster.

If you’re ready to move up, it’s time to invest in your appearance the same way you invest in other aspects of your climb, please call 303.469.0064 or email Sonata Aesthetics, helping men in Denver, Broomfield, Boulder, and Westminster.

*Results may vary from patient to patient