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The global skincare marketing generates an estimated 1.2 billion dollars each year! There are literally millions of products, potions, surgeries, aesthetic services, natural remedies, and opinions to wade through. There’s so much information out there it can make your head spin. That’s why we’ve created our Ultimate Skincare Guide – the only resource you will ever need for all you skincare questions and needs.

Skin health is important to all of us. If you struggle with the daily annoyance of a shiny face, you know how difficult it is to get oily skin under control. Perhaps you live in a dry climate and have to deal with painful, dry, cracking skin. Are you looking for solutions to reduce wrinkles and turn back the hands of time? Do you hate being in pictures because of acne, or scars? Have you tried product after product, only to see no change? If you want healthier skin, the best products, and solutions that work - look no further!

Whatever the issue, we’ve got you covered with our ultimate skin care guide! Click on your desired chapter below for the best resources the internet has to offer!


How to Fight Shiny, Oily Skin Without Drying Out

Be the Center of Attention. Fight Acne & Blackheads - And Win!

Non-Surgical Solutions: Get the Most Out of Medical Aesthetics


How to Get Your Best Skin With Natural & Home Remedies

How to Sooth Painful, Itchy, Cracking, & Dry Skin


Solutions for Preventing, and Treating, Melasma

Forever No More! Tips For Treating and Minimizing Scars

Something for the Fellas. Men, You Deserve Beautiful Skin Too!

Turn Back the Hands of Time: Wrinkle Fighting Techniques

Everyday Skin Care Tips and Routines for Glowing, Healthy Skin

Learn How Changing a Diet Can Revitalize Your Natural Beauty

Your Most Beautiful Skin Awaits!

While creating this ultimate skin care guide, we combed through 100’s of websites, blogs, posts, magazines and articles to find the very best information on the internet to help with your skincare questions, concerns, and needs. These are some of our favorite sites, posts, and authors on the web - and we're excited to share them all with you! 

How to Fight Shiny, Oily Skin Without Drying Out

Do you feel like you’re forever fighting a losing the battle with oily skin? Are you constantly on “shine patrol”? How can you manage your oily skin so that it looks great? Look no further to learn valuable remedies for moderating oily skin.

Acneic and oily skin are two of the most common skin issues I see. We recommend the Clenizderm kit made by Obagi. It combines Salicylic Acid with other ingredients designed to control oil production throughout the day. Using Retin-A at night improves cell turnover to help prevent breakouts, and doing an Obagi peel monthly immediately kills acne bacteria for beautifully acne free skin

Laurel Glenn
Master Aesthetician

How to Sooth Painful, Dry, Itchy, and Cracking Skin

There are countless factors that can strip your skin of it’s natural moisture: common household products, dehydration, allergies, climate, and even your diet - just to name a few. There are also countless solutions and remedies. We’ve put together a list of the top tips and products to help you soothe and reclaim your soft, touchable skin.

Healthy skin is rarely dry so, if your skin is dry, we need to make it healthy! Skin Ceutical's Triple Lipid formula is incredible for restoring your skin's natural moisture barrier. In the office, we love plasma facials (which combine microneedling with your own PRP). That is because PRP is so healing for your skin. Light chemical peels encourage proper exfoliation which can also keep your skin taut and healthy. At home, the regular use of topical vitamin C in the morning and Retin-A at night will keep your skin healthy.

Laurel Glenn 
Master Aesthetician

List of antifungal shmapoos that will help you to get rid of itchy scalp and prevent scalp fungus. Learn the best treatment strategies.

Are you pregnant and itchy? Do you find yourself waking up at night to scratch more times than you do to hit the bathroom?

Chapter III

Turn Back the Hands of Time With These Powerful Wrinkle Fighting Techniques!

Wrinkles are an inevitable part of the natural aging process. So we knew we had to hit this topic hard and include it in this ultimate skin care guide. As we get older, our skin gets thinner, drier, and less elastic. The good news: You can prevent, and even “cure” wrinkles, without going under the knife! Below we’ve gathered the best of the best solutions for regaining your youthful, elegant appearance!

You can fight wrinkles with great skin care. Nothing will replace Botox or fillers, but you can create healthy, beautiful skin with at home use of topical vitamin C in the morning and Retin-A at night. I also recommend medium to heavy chemical peels done 3- 4 times per year. The exfoliation helps recondition your skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Plasma facials (which combine microneedling and your own PRP) are amazing because microneedling massively produces collagen over time, and microneedling is one of the only ways to reduce those pesky eye wrinkles.

Laurel Glenn 
Master Aesthetician

Chapter IV

Be the Center of Attention: Fight Acne & Blackheads, & Win!

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States. Male or Female. Adult or Teenager. Acne affects everybody! Although it’s common, accurate information can be scarce. That’s why we’ve combed through thousands of posts to find the best information on causes, prevention, and cures and added it to our ultimate skin care guide for you!

One of the main causes of acne is the build-up of dead skin cells. In addition to the use of products with Salicylic Acid and Retin-A in the evening, chemical peels and microdermabrasion treatments that exfoliate your skin will help with the prevention of acne. If you have acne scars, they can be softened with microneedling treatments or filled with fillers, like Bellafill. Lasers can also be used to resurface the skin and soften the look of troublesome acne scars. We also love the Vi Peel for intensive acne treatment and prevention.

Liz Janowski 
CEO of Sonata Aesthetics

Chapter V

Solutions For Treating, & Preventing, Melasma

Melasma is no fun. That's why we're including it on our ultimate skin care guide. Having babies and growing older takes tolls on a woman's body, not the least of which can be melasma. If you have melasma, you know how frustrating those brown spots and blotches can be, making you appear older than you are. There are, however, solutions for preventing and treating this disorder. Click through the posts below to learn more about this condition and what can be done about it! 

While I don't think you can prevent melasma, you can control it by using the Obagi NuDerm Kit which uses hydroquinone to suppress pigment production. It is critical to always protect your skin with sunscreen, and to reapply sunscreen often (every 2-3 hours). Regular IPL Photofacials and chemical peels designed to fade brown spots and pigment will keep melasma at bay when it starts creeping back in the summer or due to hormonal changes.

Laurel Glenn 
Master Aesthetician

Chapter VI

Everyday Skincare Routines & Tips for Glowing, Healthy Skin

An effective skincare routine means selecting the best products, knowing which ones to avoid, and creating the right regimen for your unique skin type. There are some essential habits. There are also plenty of gimmicks that can do more harm than good. We’re here to help you nail your perfect skin routine for radiant, glowing skin year round!

The foundation for any daily skin care routine is topically applied medical-grade Vitamin C in the morning and regular use of Retin-A at night. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects your skin against all environmental factors. Retin-A is a critical part of any skin care regimen. It is applied only at night because it makes your skin more sun sensitive. Using Retin-A regularly is like giving yourself a mini chemical peel each night because it encourages proper cell turnover. With these two foundational products, you are well on your way to having your healthiest skin. Any other product you choose to add in should depend on your age and/or a targeted skin care concern.

Laurel Glenn
Master Aesthetician

positive health and wellness tips for glowing skin

6 Delicious Juices for Flawless Glowing Skin

We found this great infographic on the Positive Health & Wellness site. It's a quick chart showing 6 different juices you can drink that will give your skin a beautiful glow - naturally! Download it, and then click around the site some more...there's tons of really great content! 

Chapter VII

Non-Surgical Solutions: Getting the Most Out of Medical Aesthetics

Sometimes the creams, potions, and natural remedies just won’t do the trick. But you also don’t want to go under the knife. Cosmetic dermatology offers a wide array of treatments for the face and body you may or may not know about. Acne scars, wrinkles, and melasma. Skin tightening, skin smoothing, and facials. These are just a few of the many conditions and solutions covered with non-invasive medical aesthetics.

The key to beautiful healthy skin is prevention. Coming in every other month for a medical-grade service is ideal. It's best to address concerns before they start. Regular use of good quality sunscreen, reapplied often, is critical as most of our skin aging is due to sun damage. You can prevent the majority of deep wrinkling with regular Dysport treatments repeated every 3 months. And fillers, especially collagen stimulators like Sculptra, actually encourage you to grow your own collagen - which keeps your skin taut and healthy.

Laurel Glenn
Master Aesthetician

Chapter VIII

Unsightly No More! Tips for Treating & Minimizing Scars

A litany of remedies, old and new, claim they help with healing unsightly scars. These range from home remedies to at-home procedures. We seek help for scars when they are itchy, painful, or (most common) unsightly. Although scars can’t be removed, cuts and scrapes no longer have to mark you for life. We found the best strategies for treating old scars, and preventing new ones from forming.

Microneedling treatments using your own PRP are one of the best ways to soften the look of acne scars. Microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, produces massive amounts of collagen and pushes those scars to the surface which helps them to fade. Some acne scars can be filled with filler, especially a collagen-stimulating filler like Bellafill, which helps improve skin quality while it fills.

Liz Janowski
CEO of Sonata Aesthetics

Chapter IX

Can Diet Affect Your Skin's Beauty? Of Course! Learn How Changing What You Eat Can Revitalize Your Natural Glow!

We all know that a proper diet can keep you looking slim and healthy, but the impact doesn’t stop there. The food you eat - from hydrating healthy fats in fish to wrinkle fighting antioxidants in fruits and veggies...or deliciously unhealthy fried foods - can affect your skin's health almost as much as your waistline. Here we break down which foods can restore your skin’s natural beauty and glow, and which foods contribute to wrinkles, acne, or even melasma.

There is much controversy surrounding the subject of diet and skin health, and many differing opinions on the issue. While my personal experience points to a link between acne and dairy, the majority of research in the field of aesthetics cannot confirm a correlation. Overall, taking care of yourself and drinking enough water will improve your skin health.

Liz Janowski 
CEO of Sonata Aesthetics

Chapter X

Look Great, Naturally! How to Get Your Best Skin With Natural & At-Home Remedies

Obtaining your most beautiful skin can be expensive - from Botox to lotions, creams, and potions. Some products can also contain harmful and unnatural ingredients. Caring for your skin doesn’t have to be pricey or filled with hard-to-pronounce chemicals. Luckily there are some easy, solutions for clear, radiant, and youthful skin. We’ve found natural and at-home remedies for dry skin, acne, cellulite, wrinkles, and more, that will restore your inner and outer beauty without breaking the bank or harming your skin.

There is nothing wrong with over the counter devices like dermarollers or mini microderm machines, so if you love them, do them! Natural and at home remedies are fine as long as you do your research and know what you're doing. Remember, any skin care product or at home device not sold in a medical office by law cannot penetrate your dermis. Penetrating the dermis (skin) is the key to effective skin remedies, and is why medical-grade products sold in a physician's office are going to give you the most bang for your buck.

Liz Janowski
CEO of Sonata Aesthetics

Chapter XI

The Man Cave: Skin Care Products, Routines, & Reviews

Just for Men!

Beautiful, touchable, and young looking skin is not just for women anymore. More and more men are realizing the need to take care of their skin. From fighting the first signs of wrinkles, to dealing with acne well past puberty, it’s maddening trying to win the good-skin game. There’s a plethora of information on do’s and don’ts, products, and regimens for men...and we’ve found the best of the best.

Men have the same skin care concerns and issues as women, but often times, do not want to commit to a skin care regimen. We do lots of chemical peels and laser treatments of men, and often see that men want to do more intensive but less frequent treatments. A great place to start for any man is the regular use of quality sunscreen - not just when you plan to be outside, but everyday. Men can also do themselves a great service by cleansing their face and using Retin-A at night to encourage proper exfoliation and keep skin clear and healthy.

Laurel Glenn
Master Aesthetician