Over the weekend, Dr. Janowski was asked to be a part of Galderma’s exclusive “Train the Trainer” event. Galderma makes Sculptra, Dysport®, and the fillers in the Restalyne family- the oldest and most well-researched family of fillers.

Dr. Janowski is not only a “Top 20 in the US” physician injector of these products, he is also a national trainer for other physicians. He was able to spend the weekend with some other leaders in the field of aesthetic medicine (and friends) like Dr. Shino Bay Aguilera, Dr. Anil Rajani, Dr. Steven Weiner, Dr. Doris Day, and Dr. Luis Soro.

The faculty demo-ed Galderma’s newest fillers, Restalyne Refyne and Restalyne Defyne which are changing the filler landscape by using “expression technology” which means they look as good when you move your face as when static. In the past, some fillers can look “bumpy” when the face is in motion (as it always is, of course)!

The physician team was also able to dissect cadavers to better understand the placement of fillers in the planes of the face, and use virtual reality goggles to explore the process of making filler.

Overall, it was a great opportunity for Dr. Janowski to do what he is truly passionate about — learn more, grow more — and bring that innovation and expertise back to our patients at Sonata.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / February 6, 2017 / Med Spa