We know, for many, the downside of aesthetic injectable treatments is the possibility that you might bruise. The vast majority of our patients have no bruising or swelling with their injectable treatments, however, anytime you have a needle piercing the skin, you just might bruise. Some of us are what we call “peaches” – people who bruise easily despite our best preventive care and Dr. Janowksi’s skill and care. (I am one of them!)

We are always looking for ways to make your treatment as comfortable as possible – from topical creams to vibration devices and aromatherapy. Dr. Janowski also has a special “snap” technique for inserting the needle which minimizes skin trauma and pain. When possible, Dr. Janowski uses a blunt needle called a cannula, which allows him to place filler without cutting through the skin, as with a traditional needle. It’s not always possible to use a cannula, but when it is, it is a great, advanced option.

We also send patients home with both topical and oral arnica, a homeopathic supplement that can lessen and alleviate skin trauma. We also give you a bromelain tablet, another homeopathic supplement (made from pineapple) which can lessen the appearance of/chance of a bruise.

One of our newest toys and tricks to help prevent bruising is a vein light. A vein lift illuminates blood vessels below the skin. (Pretty cool, huh?) Dr. Janowski can literally map out where your blood vessels are, and inject around them. The light does not see the very smallest vessels and sometimes the placement of a product just has to go in a certain location, and therefore, you may still bruise. However, the vein light is another advanced tool in our tool box to give you the best possible results with minimal downtime.

That’s part of our mission at Sonata… to help you live beautifully and confidently, all while embracing the myriad of aesthetic rejuvenation technologies available to you in our office.

using vein light to prevent bruising in cosmetic procedures in denver colorado

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / January 6, 2017 / Med Spa