How Can Botox® Help with Teeth Grinding?

There are many potential treatments for teeth grinding, but one of the simplest and easiest is BOTOX ® injections.

How BOTOX ® Treats Teeth Grinding

The essential problem with teeth grinding is that your jaw muscles are working extra hard. Some studies show that when grinding their teeth, people are biting down with much more force than they can consciously muster. These muscles need to be made to relax.

And that’s what BOTOX ® does. When it is injected into your jaw muscles, it causes them to relax so you don’t grind your teeth. The injection is controlled so it reduces the force of muscles for grinding, but doesn’t interfere with chewing, talking, or other jaw functions.

Benefits of BOTOX ® Treatment for Teeth Grinding

It’s not just that BOTOX ® treatment is effective for teeth grinding. It’s better than many of the competing alternatives because:

  • Results are immediate
  • Protects teeth and jaw
  • It actually stops grinding, not just damage
  • You don’t have to wear a mouthguard at night
  • No surgery required
  • It can stop headaches associated with grinding
  • It can give cosmetic jaw reduction

When you compare BOTOX ® injections to many of the common alternatives for teeth grinding, such as orthotics, dental procedures—including orthodontics—and jaw surgery, BOTOX ® injections have a clear edge. It’s a simple injection, taking less than half an hour, and then you can forget about teeth grinding for three months. And there’s no need to take time off, you can get right back to work or play.

And getting immediate results is much more appealing than having to wait for months, a year, or more to see results from other procedures.

If you are tired of teeth grinding and just want to give it a rest, we can help. Please contact Sonata Aesthetics today for an appointment at our office, convenient to patients in Denver, Westminster, and Broomfield.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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