Can a feminist run a med-spa?

by Elizabeth Janowski

“When a woman rises up in glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious.” – Marianne Williamson

Can a feminist run a med spa? This is a question I have been asking myself a lot this year. I used to be afraid of the term feminist. It seemed too political and a little too edgy for me. It also seemed a little impolite – and as a people pleaser, and as someone in the service industry – I never wanted to exclude or make people feel uncomfortable. So privately, yes I believed strongly in womens’ equality – but, at work, I wasn’t jumping in the front of the feminist line.

However, over the course of the last year, with the public shifts in perception – from the Women’s March to the #metoo movement, it seems all the more important for me to say that yes, I am a feminist.Yes, I believe in equal pay for equal work. Yes, I want women to feel safe wherever they go. Yes, I want my daughter to have as many opportunities for advancement as my son.
And, yes, I want women to feel that their voices are heard, respected, and encouraged.

In my personal life, I have been on a pretty epic journey of enlightenment this year – and have seen my own life tremendously enriched by the study of women’s work and developing a deeper relationship to my own body. Sitting in circles with other women has helped me to appreciate the power of connection among women. Claiming my womanhood has unlocked pathways to happiness that I didn’t even know existed, and has given me new fuel for my work.

And what I have seen is the deep disconnect between why patients come to see us at Sonata, and what the branding of our industry suggests. When I see ads for Botox® or lip injections, they are generally superficial, shiny, overtly sexual, and silly. We don’t want to support the superficial idea that women only matter for their youth and beauty. We don’t want to play on your insecurities to make more money. We want you to be your best YOU!

What we see in our office when men and women come to see us are real people, possibly struggling with a confidence issue, and looking for some educated options. They are usually a little nervous about what to expect and aren’t sure if they will fit in. The ads have told them that this is a place for the very young and the very sexy – which excludes the huge majority of “real” people we see every day. However, we see people of all ages and backgrounds who are looking to feel a little more confident and want to work with someone that they can trust – who is skilled, honest, and truthful. They don’t want a Hollywood experience – but they do want kindness, compassion, knowledge, and maybe a little humor.

Every day, we see people tear up because a little tweak makes them feel more confident – and more able to step in to their glorious radiance. We see people ready to take the next step in their lives because they aren’t so pre-occupied with a concern about their appearance. And when you go get that new job, or start dating again, or smile bigger in your next selfie – we are over here cheering you on!

Dr. Janowski and I have talked at length about why people get work done. He has seen tens of thousands of beautiful people sit in his chair and has heard their stories, concerns, hopes and dreams. He has long insisted that people get work done for themselves. He always says, “the most important relationship is between you and yourself …that person you see in the mirror every day.” Our relationship to our appearance is a reflexive one – what we see in the mirror influences our interior life, and our interior life influences what we see in the mirror. While it may be an ideal to be so blissful and full on inner peace that your outer appearance is of no concern to you, that is rarely the case. We all live in a world where our appearance does matter, to some degree. And, we want to help you make peace with what you see in the mirror. We want to be your ally, so that you can catch a glance at yourself, love what you see, and then move on with doing your good work in the world.

When people see their own beauty, they are wonderfully present in their lives and available to others. – Dr. Janowski

If taking care of your appearance is a way for you to be more present, connected, and empowered in your life – then, yes, getting work done is a feminist choice. Feminism is about having access to all options, to stepping in to your power, and to living confidently.

It is deeply important to all of us at Sonata that the work that we do every day is for the highest good. We want to create ripples of positivity and happiness around us – and to gift each of our clients with a little more radiance.

And, so, we say to all of our clients, “Go live your best life. We love being a part of your “squad”!”

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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