Dr. Janowski has recently added fat transfer to your options for facial rejuvenation. Fat transfer has been around for decades, and in many ways, fat is your most ideal filler.

Why Fat?

Fat is long-lasting, and completely compatible with your body. Think about it, you are moving fat from an area you may not want it in (a donor site) to an area that could benefit from added volume and rejuvenation. Unlike other fillers, once the fat that has been transferred acquired a blood supply in the new area, it can last forever.

Obviously, your face will continue to age, and you may gain or lose weight, which will affect the results of your fat transfer.

Besides longevity, fat has the amazing advantage of containing stem cells. Stem cells are “pluripotent,” meaning they can differentiate into any type of body cell. You may have heard of the potential for stem cells to heal injuries or rejuvenate joints. For aesthetic purposes, when stem cells are re-injected in to the face, they are powerfully rejuvenating. No substance will be able to give your skin the same level of collagen stimulation or overall rejuvenation as stem cells.

For our purposes, once the fat has been extracted from your body using a small cannula, the fat is then processed -removing waste material and blood, and leaving behind pure fat. The fat can then be filtered into three types of particles using proprietary filters – milli, micro, and nano fat. Milli, micro, and nano fat can be injected back into the face to add volume. The highly processed nano-fat has the smallest particle size and can be injected using a cannula and/or microneedled back into the skin to unlock the skin rejuvenating power.

What is the procedure like?

The fat transfer procedure depends on what you want or need.

If you have nice volume to the face, and just want to amazing skin rejuvenating powers of nano-fat. For this procedure, Dr. Janowski would numb a small area on your body until you feel completely comfortable. Then a small cannula would be inserted in to this “donor area”. A small amount of fat would be pulled out. This fat is then processed through a series of ever-finer filters until just the gold colored nano-fat remains. This fat is then microneedling into the skin, driving the stem cells in to the skin to stimulate collagen production and rejuvenate the skin. I can tell you, as a person who has tried all the treatments we have to offer, I have NEVER done something that gave me such an instant, radiant and warm glow. I love it. In fact, I am obsessed … I think about when I can do it again all the time. (Probably in another 6 mos., at the earliest.) The recovery for my face was easy – in fact, there was none. I looked amazing the next day. The recovery from the donor site was a little longer. I was sore and a little swollen. I wore a Spanx garment that covered the area for a few days to help with the recovery. And I took a break from working out to allow myself to heal. A week out, I have a very small dot where the cannula went in, but no other signs that I had anything done, except my glowing skin!

If you want a more extensive fat transfer to add volume to your face, you made need to extract more fat – and therefore, may have more soreness post treatment.

Fat transfer to the face (and body) to add volume has been around for decades. Fat, once it “takes”, should last for a very long time and gives you the added benefit of skin rejuvenation – with all those stem cells working their magic. If you are very thin, or older, and have substantial volume loss, fat may be just the thing you need to give you back the youthful contours of your face. In more limited quantities, fat can be the ideal filler for harder to treat areas, like under the eyes.

I am a person who tried several different fillers under my eyes, as well as PRP alone, and nothing really lasted. We put a small amount of filtered fat under my eyes, and wow! – what a great result! The result is soft and natural, with the skin rejuvenation that smooths the fine lines under my eyes.

Who should do a stem cell facial or fat transfer?

The stem cell facial is really good for almost anyone who wants to experience skin rejuvenation (who doesn’t) and who has a donor site – like fat in their flanks or abdomen. You only need a small amount, but you will need to talk to Dr. Janowski to see if you have enough fat to donate.

Fat transfer is for someone with a donor site and someone who wants the ultimate natural filler – with the bonus of incredible skin rejuvenation. You will need to be prepared to have some downtime and soreness in your donor area – as well as some possible bruising and swelling in the face. It will take some time to see what your final result will look like, and Dr. Janowski may want to do a touch-up, either with your fat or with fillers to have you looking just perfect.

Also, the transferred fat becomes a living part of your body, so if you gain or lose a lot of weight – that could change the results. Ideally, you are a person who maintains a pretty constant weight.

Fat transfer and stem cell facial are definitely the “next level” in facial rejuvenation – and we are excited to offer them to you here at Sonata. Call us today to talk more about these life-changing services.


*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / February 9, 2017 / Med Spa