by Liz Janowski

kybella fat treatment kybellaWe’ve begun Kybella treatments in our office! Kybella is a new category of injectables, just recently released in the US. After extensive safety and efficacy trials, the product was approved by the FDA for fat elimination in the sub-mental (or under the chin) area. Dr. Janowski is one of an elite group of physician leaders trained on Kybella. There are only about 12 physicians in Colorado who have been specially selected because of their expertise to offer the product.

Treatment is quick and easy. Dr. Janowski uses a numbing block, and patients feel no pain during the quick 10 minute procedure. As you can see from the image, small dots are applied to the chin area that guides the injections. Injections are done with a tiny needle (which helps reduce pain).

Post-treatment, you will experience some swelling – and the swelling may last for a couple of weeks. This is the body’s own inflammatory response – and the product working! Kybella lyses (or implodes) some of the fat cells in the treated area. Once you destroy a fat cell, it NEVER comes back – and your body only creates fat cells when you are young, and when pregnant. So all the fat cells you have today (if you don’t get pregnant and are post-puberty) are all the fat cells you will ever have.

So, while you skin will age and lose firmness (it’s just a part of the aging process), you will never redevelop fat cells in this area, making this a long lasting fix! Fullness under the chin can really make you look older – and its amazing how much younger patients feel with a tightened chin area.

kybella before and after

Treatments are done in a series. Usually 2-4 treatments are needed, spaced out by about 2 months.

Submental fat (or a double chin) is something that concerns many people. In a recent survey, up to 68% of American adults said they were concerned about extra volume in this area. Kybella is your non-surgical solution to reducing fullness in this area. It’s a great treatment for men and women.

Pricing ranges from about $3000-$4000 for a total treatment series – and pricing depends on the size and fullness of the area treated. Patients report a 90% satisfaction rate with the treatments – and overall, have a new confidence in their appearance!

We look forward to sharing video demos, before/after photos, and more information with you. Dr. Janowski is also planning to receive Kybella treatments to correct his own submental fullness!

Call us today to schedule an appointment to see if you are a good candidate for Kybella!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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