When talking to friends, I find one of the biggest anxieties about having a little work done is the fear that you won’t look like yourself. I think this fear is rooted in celebrity culture and general misconceptions about what aesthetic medicine can be about.

We live in a world of Real Housewives and Kardashians – which can give us the impression that all people should generally strive for one, over-done looking image. From blown up lips, to hair extensions, to perma-tans – this Hollywood image is far from what most of our patients are looking for.

When Dr. Janowski and our aesthetician Laurel talk with you, they are looking to meet you where you are at, to understand your unique needs and goals, and to help you achieve the confidence boost that you are seeking.

Everyone’s face is unique, which is why any aesthetic visit should start with a complete, educational consultation. We want to get to know you and your goals. We also want to get to know your face and body. We take regular photos, VISIA photos of your skin, and sometimes 3D photos of you – which allows us to help show you what Dr. Janowski sees with his trained, medical eye and to make your most accurate and complete plan of care.

We want to teach you about all the tools available to you – and where they might fit in to your overall goals.

There are generally some guidelines when looking at a face and assessing what might “improve” it and those generally have to do with symmetry. Dr. Janowski studied the concept of Phi for several months with Dr. Arthur Swift, who invented a set of Golden Caliphers that measure the face. Phi helps determine the symmetry of the face – ie. are things in alignment? And symmetry has been scientifically studied as a marker of beauty. Even infants have a preference for symmetrical faces and images.

Helping create a more symmetrical face or profile often requires very little – and is really about creating your own, unique and perfectly balanced face. Dr. Janowski can do this by straightening your nose, lifting a brow, or giving your chin a bit more extension compared to the rest of your face. Symmetry can also be found in lifted cheeks and proportional lips — but again, all of these measurements are based on your own, beautiful face.

We aren’t here to make you into someone else – or to make everyone look the same. In fact, one of the reasons that people can look too “done” is because their face is now out of proportion. Even the untrained eye can spot overfilled lips or cheeks that aren’t in balance with the rest of the face – and that is never our goal.

In fact, our goal is to meet you exactly where you are at, to offer you some options, and to walk together with you towards your goals. We call this process of claiming your body and your face, and reflecting your very best to the world “Embodied Sovereignty”. We want you to take your seat as the ruler of your own life – and to feel confident in the face and body through which you experience the world.

A good aesthetic doctor will be your partner and your friend in enhancing the beautiful features you were born with. We want you to feel radiant – and to be able to shine your unique light out in to the world, with confidence and grace.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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