by Lawrence Janowski, MD

DSCN0421Occasionally, my staff will be asked, “Why have a doctor perform my injections, does it really matter?”
The Answer:  Yes, it matters a great deal.

Physicians are medical professionals with extensive training in matters of the human body.  We study anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, and many other fields in order to be able to provide competent and safe medical care to people.  Whether this care involves prescribing medications or performing procedures, doctors are the most qualified to provide this care.  By all accounts, injectable aesthetic procedures are invasive medical procedures that involve risk.  A non-medical professional may not know how to limit this risk, or manage the consequences of an adverse event.  Ask your injector these questions:

1.  Does your injector have a thorough understanding of facial anatomy, and what areas to avoid injecting?
2.  Do they know what to do should they accidentally inject filler into an artery in your face to avoid long lastingly destroying a part of your face that has now lost its blood supply?
3.  Did they review your medical history including current medications and allergies in your evaluation prior to injection, and inform you of any risks associated with your medical history?  Do they know who should not be treated?
4.  Are they able to prescribe medications should a complication such as an infection or allergic reaction occur?

These and other issues are critical to providing the best possible outcomes.  It is important to approach cosmetic treatments on your face and body just as you would any other aspect of your health.  The best way to do this is by having a qualified medical professional perform your treatments.  You will have a much more satisfying and safe experience if you do.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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