Laurel Glenn, Our Master Aesthetician, shares her favorite services and products

What is your role at Sonata?

I am the Medical Aesthetician, and I take care of our patient’s skin health using facials, peels, lasers, and microneedling.

What treatments and services have you had done?

I love trying new treatments, and think it is a critical part of my job. I’ve tried every filler, the Instant-Lift with thread, and Dysport®, as well as every peel, laser treatment, and medical-spa service we offer.

What are your favorite treatments and why?

My top 3 favorite are:

  1. Sculptra filler treatments: with this filler, you can completely sculpt your face into it’s once youthful appearance. I also love the instant-lift with threads which defined my cheek bones.
  2. Laser Hair Removal: I love being hair free and without the worry of shaving and purchasing razors .
  3. Chemical peels: they refresh and repair your skin while creating collagen and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles.

What would you recommend every one do to take better care of themselves?

A quarterly medical facial service combined with quality at-home medical-grade skin care (Vitamin C in the AM and Retin-A at night)

What have you learned while working at Sonata that you would want to share with friends and family?

Some people say it, but we live it…We treat each and everyone of our clients like a VIP!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / October 31, 2016 / Med Spa