When working with patients, with are always seeking to understand how we can help them to live more confidently and to reflect their very best – and what treatments will match their goals. We have so many treatment options – and can scale up or down our recommendations based on your needs, goals, budget, and your desire to/ ability to have downtime.

With almost any of our treatments, downtime is a possibility. Whenever you manipulate the skin or body, you may have some downtime.

With injectables, downtime could be a bruise or swelling. With laser treatment or peels, it could be redness or peeling. And with our more advanced surgical procedures, you may be sore, bruised and obviously in recovery.

Now the vast majority of our injectable patients have no recovery at all. Dr. Janowski has a very gentle technique, and takes every precaution to avoid bruising. However, it can happen – and we can’t always predict to whom or when. If you tend to bruise easily, then you may bruise. If your skin isn’t well cared for, or you drink, smoke, or take fish oil, that increases the likelihood of bruising.

We say that 95% of patient have no bruising or swelling, but we send you home with topical Arnica – which can help resolve inflammation.

If you want to do your best to prevent a possible bruise, we recommend oral and topical arnica taken/applied prior, as well as avoiding ibuprofen, fish oil and alcohol a few days prior. However, even with all these precautions, you still may bruise.

With chemical peels or laser treatments, you certainly will be red and may peel – and in some ways, that is the point of the procedure. Microneedling, lasers, and peels create tiny injuries to your skin. When you create micro-injuries to the skin, you stimulate new collagen growth. Collagen is the protein that keeps your skin taut and buoyant. We all lose it as we age, and many of our treatments are designed to stimulate new collagen growth.

For peels or laser treatments, downtime is a part of your healing – and the healing process will give you better, healthier skin.

With our bigger, top-tier procedures like J-Plasma, downtime is to be absolutely expected. The treatments are so effective that you need to properly heal from them to allow your skin to restore it’s radiant beauty.

With liposuction or Precision (which is tightening under the skin), you can expect some bruising, soreness, and swelling -as well as some “lumpy-bumpy” harder spots as you recover. However, the results of these procedures make this relatively minimal downtime worth the trouble. All our liposuction and J Plasma patients are out and about the day after treatment.

We sometimes meet patients who want a guarantee of absolutely no down time with incredibly life-changing results, and that is just something we cannot offer. We can promise we will do our best to minimize your recovery, and that starts with the incredible talent and experience of Dr. Janowski and our aesthetician, Laurel.

We also know that some patients keep their beauty secrets just that – a secret. And that is ok with us. Our staff can tell from our their experiences of having had most if not all of the treatments we offer done is that people generally do not notice what you’ve had done as much as you do, though of course, that may not always be the case. And again, we will do our best to support you as you recover and to use of expertise to prevent any unnecessary trauma to the skin.

It is a general truth that enhancing your own outer beauty does sometime require a little downtime. And we will be here for you with every question, concern, or issue. Our doors are open and our phones are ready to be answered – and we want to help you.

Call us before you google it – and we will work with you, as best we can, through any issue.

We want you to feel as good on the outside as you do on the inside, and we want to help you glow!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / October 30, 2017 / Med Spa