Within a year or two it looks like you may be able to put on a “second skin”! Sounding like it’s straight out of sci-fi, doctors have created a synthetic skin you pull over your face, tugging away wrinkles and pulling under-eye bags completely smooth.

According to an article in the New York Times, those who have tested the technology have been very impressed with the initial results. The thin film of polymers is not visible to the naked eye and also has a number of medical applications, including treating eczema and psoriasis.

While the technology is likely a couple years away from formal FDA-approval, it goes to show how far zero-downtime, 100% comfortable treatments are coming along. At Sonata, it is vital we keep up-to-date offer the best and latest in aesthetic medicine.

Until this technology is widely available, we love PRP to rejuvenate delicate under-eye skin, or filler to “fill in” dark under-eye hollows.

*Results may vary from patient to patient

By / May 10, 2016 / Med Spa