Our CEO, Liz Janowski, shares her favorite services and products

In the five years that I’ve been with Sonata, I’ve tried everything – and I consider it my responsibility to do so. (It’s also really fun!) I want to experience what a patient experiences and give that real feedback to Dr. Janowski and our master aesthetician, Laurel. What I can definitively tell you is that I look better and younger today than I did 5 years ago.

I love all of our treatments, but f I had to narrow it down to just a few things that have made the difference for me it would be:

  1. Getting regular Botox®/Dysport® treatments in my lower face to stop teeth grinding and slim my jaw. Over the last 4 years, since I began treatments, my face shape has dramatically changed and become more feminine. I have always had a “boxy” face – which I didn’t like (it’s genetic) – but didn’t think there was anything I could do about it. But, wow, getting regular Botox®/Dysport® treatments to slim the jaw works. I love it – and I think everyone should do it if this is a concern for them. It’s easy, painless, and relatively inexpensive. I’ve even convinced some of my male friends to do the treatment because they are big teeth grinders. I no longer grind my teeth, and have fewer headaches. I also threw out my (gross) mouth guard. Yes!
  2. Laser Resurfacing, followed by semi-regular IPL Photofacials. Four years ago, I did a laser resurfacing peel. It effectively removed years of sun damage. I keep up the results with semi-regular (maybe twice a year) IPL Photofacials to tackle any pigment that crops up. My skin is clearer and more beautiful. I also use the Obagi NuDerm (home skin care) kit to keep pigment at bay.
  3. Filler in my mid-face. The high point of any beautiful place (or the place light reflects off of first) should be the apex of the cheek. Starting about 2 1/2 years ago, I’ve gotten filler in my mid-face to lift my face and give it more of a diamond shape. This has an instantly anti-aging effect, and gives me a more beautiful face shape. I love seeing my new higher cheek bones in the mirror. It is one of the most beautifying treatments we offer.
  4. chemical peel before and after in denverChemical Peels. Whenever I feel like my skin is getting a little blah or I start to break out, I get a chemical peel. I’ve tried them all – from mild to more intensive – and I think they are truly amazing for preventing breakouts, exfoliating your skin, tightening skin and shrinking pores. So many people are terrified of peels (I used to be as well), but they work with just minor down time, and are one of the oldest beauty treatments on earth. Cleopatra did chemical peels. Our aesthetician can help you find your best option, as we have many. She is a peel fanatic and expert at navigating the vast array of peel choices.
  5. Using great at home skin care, including Vitamin C serum, Retin A at night, and sunscreen applied throughout the day. I’ve written extensively on Vitamin C and Retin-A – your two most critical skin care ingredients. But one of the things I just can’t say enough about is sunscreen. The sun is your skin’s number one enemy. Sun damages skin, leaves your discolored, and breaks down collagen. You must protect your skin! The good news — it’s easy, just use a Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide based sunscreen every day. The bad news — sunscreen is only effective for 2-3 hours…so the sunscreen you put on at 6 am when you left the house – is no longer working when you go out for lunch! You have to reapply. Keep sunscreen in your purse (heat can denature sunscreen – so don’t leave a tube in your car), and a hat in your car. Be sure to cover your arms and chest on a super bright day. Your skin will thank you!

It is such an honor and a pleasure to manage our business. We help people feel their best every day. What an amazing thing to do for a living! The industry is always changing. Dr. Janowski is always learning new things, and we are always growing … and there are so many ways you can feel empowered to live your most confident life.

My team is here to serve you, to educate you, to help you feel comfortable, and to allow you to shine … reflecting your personal best to the world! Thank you for making every day at Sonata a great one!

*Results may vary from patient to patient

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