Hear what our wonderful patients have to say about Sonata Laser


Excellent service from everyone at Sonota. Dr Janowski is an artist. I like that he does not push anything but gives his opinion and thoughts on procedures. I will continue to go to them for all my needs. Thank you all! –  10/4/16

Dr Janowski is the absolute best! I have never been as pleased with my results with any other provider. His skill is unsurpassed. – Jodi C. 9/10/16

this place is AMAZING! I recommend Sonata to all my family, friends! – 8/19/16

This was my first time at Sonata Aeshetics and I was treated from the time I walked in to the time I left as though I was the chosen to be Queen for a Day! The service and professionalism was over the top. Gail, Michelle, Dr. Janowski were the best! Thank you everyone. I look forward to years of service! – 8/18/16

“This is amazing!!! I did the plasma injection yesterday & my skin looks perfect!!! Underage bags are gone, darkness gone, skin is PERFECTLY PLUMP!
HOW DO I GET IT TO LOOK LIKE THIS ALWAYS???”  5/24/16, on her PRP injections all over the face, done to revitalize and rejuvenate her skin.

My first visit could not have been a better one! Such a positive experience from start to finish. As soon as I walked in the door a warm smile greeted me and made me feel comfortable. Everyone there proved to me I had come to the right place. The staff was wonderful! Dr Janowski Is amazing! Very impressed with his skills and talent in all he did for me. Painless and no bruising!!! I left looking enhanced , not overdone. Thank you ! –  5/1/16

Excellent service as always. Love the new location! Tried Dysport, amazing, quicker results.* – 4/13/16

I worked with Kali and successfully lost 33 pounds in 18 weeks. Having someone to consult with along the way was very helpful. I would recommend this weight loss clinic to anyone who is committed to losing weight.- 4/11/16 *results may vary from patient to patient

The hydrajet facial was amazing. The difference in the skin was immediately visible. I was complimented multiple times on how nice my face looked. Thanks Laurel for taking such good care of me . Your treatments go deeper than my skin; they bring out an inner beauty I did not know I had.* – 2/15/16

Wonderful! Everyone there is so friendly and helpful, Looking better and better after each treatment. love it!!* – 2/15/16

Love Dr Janowski and his team- he does an amazing job and I look and feel great!* – 2/15/16

I was at my Dr’s the other day and my Blood pressure has gone way done* – 2/5/16

Today, my son told me “wow mom, I’ve never seen those pants, they look great!” And these were pants that I have not worn for 5 plus years* – 2/5/16

I have not cheated once since I have been on this weight loss program, this program is so easy* – 2/5/16

Sonata Aesthetics & Weight Loss has the nicest staff around! You will feel welcomed from the second you step in the office! The doctor is friendly, gentle and honest. Everyone is very polite and knowledgeable. Even if you don’t quite know what you’d like they all help you come to a solution that everyone is happy with!* – 2/4/16

Practically painless! Beautiful results, I’m very happy!* – Jessica W. 1/25/16

Great Doctor. He is very caring and respectful of your needs. I did not have to wait but 5 minutes, the staff was extremely helpful as well and very welcoming. I would recommend Dr. Janowski to everyone. *

Dr. Janowski is an especially professional and thoughtful doctor. His office staff has always been kind and considerate and only seems to be improving over the years. I have been seeing him for more than three years now and have been treated well this whole time. Indeed, his staff seems to make an effort to accommodate my schedule, something I’ve found very rare in general with doctors! *

I have had the best and most thoughtful care from Dr. Janowski with positive results. He is a kind man, very thorough in his patient care and it shows in the results he gets. *

It is wonderful to have such a trusted doctor to work with. Thanks for keeping me looking great! *

Everything is good! I love the staff and the homey feeling of the office. Dr. Janowski is one of the best doctors I have ever known. I am so satisfied with the doctor and the staff! *

Dr. Janowski is a great listener! He’s very good at what he does and I can only give him the highest recommendation. *

I’ve only just begun my weight loss journey but I feel comfortable because of Dr. Janowski and his staff. Jeanette has been very supportive! I can’t wait to transform my life with their support. *

I love my doctor and all he does and has done for me!! He has shown more care and even takes care of issues when I am not scheduled for them! Dr Janowski is one of a kind and truly sincere in his work and his wife is amazing! Brightening the office, talking to patients and knowing them by name and so many other little things to make the office a friendly and homey type of place! Now the staff!… Friendly and always upbeat, willing to help and even in high stress times they keep it all together and going strong! I love the team!! Thanks for being my doctor office of choice! *

Longtime client and am pleased with the results. The special B vitamin injections really attack the unwanted fat to get rid of extra inches.  I’m keeping the weight off and enjoy the high protein food products. The staff is very friendly, professional and takes the time to answer all your questions. *

I came to Dr Janowski’s office for the first time on March 4th 2014.  I love the fact that Dr Janowski listened to all of my concerns and never rushed thru the time I spent with him. Im very thankful to know there are still Drs out there who really care about their patients!!! His staff is very friendy and kind!!! Over all…I feel blessed to have met such waunderful and caring people!!! *

Dr. Janowski and his staff have been very supportive and helpful since Day 1! While I really didn’t think I needed a dietitian, I have especially enjoyed meeting with Jessica. She seems genuinely interested in my success and always had ideas to share on how to make the program work for me. I am 19 days into the program and have already lost 13 pounds! *

I am so happy to say that after a month of being on my own I used all my tools that I was given by this team and not only did I lose 1 pound on my own I gained a little muscle (lol). I feel good about that. In the past 3 months I have lost a total of 20 pounds. I couldn’t have done this w/out you. *

I want to thank you for all the help and assistance you have given me and my wife over these past 6 years. You have proven to be a reliable and very competent professional. Dr. Janowski has been an excellent doctor for me as well. His practical advice and recommendations have helped me a great deal. I wish you both the best of health and prosperity for the New Year. Thanks again for everything! *

5 months ago, I was at my highest weight ever. I was totally out of control. Over eating, not exercising, drinking too much wine…all of the normal bad habits that prevent you from staying healthy. My sister’s family was so concerned that during a visit in August 2014 to Colorado, they turned me on to the Center for Medical Weight Loss- Broomfield, CO. I had a 50 lb weight loss in mind, but never realized how possible it was to achieve that goal. This is a picture of me taken 2 weeks ago after loosing 41 pounds. Since then, I have lost another 4 pounds. Yeah Me. 6 more to Go !! I can’t praise Dr. Lawrence Janowski and his wonderful staff enough for all of the direction and moral support given to me weekly to guide me every step of the way, and their encouragement was so sincere. The meal plan is easy to use, You will be amazed how fast the pounds will come off, The best part is that they come off of the places that are normally hard to get rid of–As you lose weight – You lose inches !! What could be better than that !! I went from a size 18 to a size 8 in 18 weeks. I hope that this post will encourage you to contact the Center for Medical Weight Loss. You will never regret it !!! 1/25/15 *

I chose the Center for Medical Weight Loss because I wanted a very structured plan. It was a very easy plan to follow and molded into my busy lifestyle very easily. The staff was supportive and compassionate and I enjoyed meeting with them every week.  At first, I was worried that I would get bored with the food but I was able to find a varied schedule of foods that worked for me, and when I mixed with allowed fruits and vegetables, they kept me completely satisfied. Once I began losing weight and wearing smaller clothes, I was enjoying that so much that the temptation of non-plan foods was not an issue. 3/9/15*

I just wanted to let you know, you did make a difference. You were so great. Thank you for your help.*

From: Diana…who will continue to stay strong and healthy!!*

The entire team is amazing! I have been going to Dr. Janowski for quite a while and I trust them to always guide me in the right direction when I have questions about anything. Jeanette is so informative and incredibly nice and knows how to make you feel comfortable going into the office. I have been on the diet program there (lost a lot of weight and was really happy about it) and have gone for Botox and fillers. I am so glad I found them and would not go anywhere else.* 8/13/15

Dear Kali and team, Thank you so much for all your guidance and motivation over these past 12 weeks! I feel the best I’ve felt in more than 5 years. I’m ready to start this new chapter with some great skills, motivation, and confidence in myself.
Thank you! I couldn’t have done it without you!*
Best, Vanessa, 10/5/15

I want you to know you have a very good team of people helping us obese people with our weight loss journey. Kali was super in aiding me with understanding how to lose weight . She is so very knowledgeable and such an emotional support. I certainly plan on incorporating her expertise and more Optifast products in my next journey with a weight loss challenge. I won’t hesitate a second to recommend your clinic for the serious minded person who is looking for a healthy means of losing some poundage.  Thank you folks, once again.* – 11/13/15

I’ve been coming to see Dr J for about 6 years. One of the things I like is the soft sell, suggestions of what might be nice. His style is very comforting, and knowledgeable. My results are subtle and long lasting. I drive a long way to see Dr J and his staff, and I’m never disappointed with my results.* – 11/12/15

5 out of 5 I just had my second treatment of Sculptra! I look amazing! Im so pleased with the results. Dr Janowski is an artist. He truly has mastered injecting this product. I look naturally younger without any down time or bruising. The whole procedure was very quick and painless.* 11/9/15


I love the office, staff and services – Dr J is the best aesthetic doctor I’ve ever been to (and I’ve been to a lot in San Fran, LA, Miami and New York!)*- 10/27/15

I’m so glad I came back to Sonata. You are all amazing and I look younger already.* 10.22.15

The only place I will go for fillers, botox and now facials. Friendly staff and I always get results I want.* – 10/18/15

The staff is excellent! Everyone at Sonata is caring, accommodating, and professional. The results are always good & worth the money. I’ve been going here for 10 years & wouldn’t go anywhere else.* – 9/28/15

Very pleased with the results and recommendations of Dr. Janowski! The office staff is amazing as well. I will be back for all future needs.* July 24, 2015 via PatientPad

Staff is always polite, timely and very courteous. Dr. janowski is the best and knows exactly how to make people look their best.* 6/19/15

I moved to Naples Florida last year and I plan my botox around my returns to Denver. THAT SAYS IT ALL!! :))))* – 6/26/15

I was terrified to see Dr. Janowski because it was my first time considering Botox or dermal fillers. Dr. Janowski was fantastic! He gave me very realistic expectations, and was very patient with my questions. I settled on Botox to get my feet wet, and have scheduled an appointment later this month for fillers. I cannot wait! Thank you for helping me feel better about myself.* –  7/10/15

Sonata Aesthetics & Weight Loss has the distinction of having a genuine and talented physician and a compassionate and organized office staff.  As an RN and long time Botox user, Dr. Janowski has given me the best results for reduction in migraines and improved aesthetic appearance.   The office and aesthetics staff are warm, friendly, and harmonize well with patients and Dr. Janowski.   I’ve been to over a dozen medical aesthetic offices and will verify that Sonata is the BEST!* – via Yelp 4/9/15

The entire staff is fantastic! From the responsiveness when you call, the thorough information on the treatments, realistic expectations to the quality of the treatments this is the best quality team ive experianced. Dr. Janowski’s bedside manners are incredible! He is calming and instills confidence while keeping the patient involved and informed. My experience was so good that even though i moved to Florida I returned to Dr. Janowski and his team to keep me looking youthful and glowing!* – May 19, 2015

Dr. Janowski and his staff are wonderful. The Dr. himself, as I told him, is a very gentle man and a gentleman both. He never hurts you and and always ensures your comfort. Love Jeanette and Krystyna!! Both are so sweet.* 2/16/15

Can’t wait for my next visit 🙂 It is always so warm and pleasant the moment I walk in! The entire Staff is so accommodating and knowledgeable, I feel very confident every procedure is only improving my look and skin procedure. Dr Janowski and the Staff Truly Care! They want me to be happy I have always left the office feeling good after my day at Sonata Laser. Thank You so much! *2/19/15

A big thank you to the staff and Dr. Janowski for walking me through a new procedure today – wrinkle free LIPS! Not only am I grateful for the time that Dr. J sat down with me to educate me about my options, but the amazing staff made me feel so welcomed… I look forward to seeing the final outcome and for my future visits! Highly recommended!* (via Facebook 2/6/15)

After successfully achieving my weight loss goal through the Center for Medical Weight Loss- Broomfield, CO, and my age in general, I needed to pay some attention to my face and skin. Last week, I underwent a chemical face peel and a Total Facial Rejuvenation with fillers process. It has now been 6 days from those procedures, and I am thoroughly pleased with the results. Dr. Janowski is a master of his skills.It was totally painless and I felt so relaxed during the entire visit. His staff member are most caring and professional.. I had very little swelling and only slight bruising over my lip area (only lasting a day or two) which when covered with makeup was not visible to anyone else. My deep frown lines and volume loss are a thing of the past, and my lips look like they did a few years ago, fuller and sexier. My friends and family only remark, that I look extra radiant and sparkly, and it has boosted my confidence level. Anyone contemplating having these procedure done, should not hesitate. I know you will be just as pleased as I am*. – 1/20/15 via Facebook

I am from California…the land of plastic surgeons, fillers and botox. I just moved to Colorado and found Dr Janowski. I have been to some of the BEST Doctors in Beverly Hills and none of them have even come close to this Doctors knowledge and skill. He did some filler on my face with a very unique technique and the results were amazing! I had zero bruising, and the procedure was virtually painless. I highly reccomend him and his very friendly staff!* – Marie M. 1/9/15

I do not know how to rate Sonata Aesthetics & Weight Loss because there are only five stars and should be 10, everything was so,perfect from the young ladies up front to the treatment that I received from the doctor.The staff was so friendly and warm to all my needs.I had to drive about 30 miles to the office in Broomfield, but well worth my effort and I can not wait for my next visit to there office.Thank you very much for your attitude and great service.* Phil Martinez 12/5/14

I’ve had botox before…from 2 other providers….he is hands down the best and least expensive! He does tons of botox, so very experienced.* – from RealSelf

Dr. Janowski’s has my trust. His office staff is kind, honest, caring, respectful, and competent. I have had multiple services and am beyond pleased. I am even getting Vitamin B shots there now! Never do these procedures unless you have an experienced MD…. and if you can…use Dr J!* – from RealSelf

Dr. Janowski costs a little more than others who offer these procedures but it is well worth it to have a skilled physician doing the job. Dr. J made me feel very comfortable and took the time to answer quite a few questions. I will be seeing Dr J. Again and again. I had botox, juvederm ultra, and radiesse injected. I think I look at least 5 years younger. Maybe more.*  (as posted on Real Self)

I receive botox in my brow furrow, forehead, crowsfeet, and also he injects me just above the outter third of my eybrow, creating a very cool arch that I normally don’t have. This is called an Anterior Brow Lift. Really love this, and the before and after pictures are amazing. Also, he only charges $10 per CC ladies.

Find a good doc and go for it. Mine is awesome.* (as posted on Real Self)

Thank you all for a perfect, stress free, fun experience. I will be back!*

Perfection! I had injections of Botox, Radiesse, and Juvederm, and not a single bruise. Dr. Janowski is a real doctor who explains where he will be doing injections and what the outcome will be. This is your face. Go to someone who has a medical degree.*

I am always impressed with the staff and with Dr. Janowski.. they are pleasant and accommodating. I could go anywhere here in town (Boulder) for botox treatments but I’m hard pressed to believe that I would get such great service and a Dr. who cares about his patient elsewhere. As long as I have facial concerns and wrinkles… Sonata is where I’ll be going.* Thank you, donald h

Dr, Janowski has been doing my Botox for the past couple of years, and does the best job of anywhere else that I’ve tried. He doesn’t over-do, so I still look natural but wrinkle-free in my forehead and between my brows. I have never had any issues with a drooping eyelid or the ice-rink phenomena as I have had with other places that do injectables. I highly recommend Dr. Janowski for natural looking Botox injections.*

He is very experienced in the cosmetic injectables*

I received botox in my brow furrow, forehead, crowsfeet, and also he injects me just above the outter third of my eybrow, creating a very cool arch that I normally don’t have. This is called an Anterior Brow Lift. Really love this, and the before and after pictures are amazing. Also, he only charges $10 per CC ladies. Find a good doc and go for it. Mine is awesome.*

Dr Janowski, you were Fabulous!! And your staff the same. I truly cannot wait to visit your Beautiful Office again to move forward with a few more treatments. As you know when time allows and I will be back. I will refer to any & all my friends by all means!!! GOD truly has gifted you 🙂 Thank You from the bottom of my Heart. *

I feel like I am 15 years old! I love it! The doctor is amazing! He need to be working with the stars in Hollywood!*

What a Wonderful experience 🙂 So calm & serene the moment I walked in. Everything was explained to me in detail after I told Dr Janowski my concerns. With no pressure he also shared with me what I could proceed with in the future if I wanted to smooth out even more lines and tighten area’s I never thought could add to my desired finished look 🙂 Lets say WOW to my 1st treatment!! Thank you so much Dr Janowski and Staff 🙂 I Truly cannot wait to move forward and see you again (and SOON!!!) I am beyond Happy!! GOD Love You! What a Blessing you have been given to make so many people Happy*

All I have to say is Amazing. Dr. Janowski is wonderful he took the time to listen to my concerns, and the results are beautiful. What a warm office, it was my first visit, and I felt right at home. Very very happy customer, and will be returning.*

With the number of spas offering skincare, fillers and botox , it is sometimes difficult to chose. I however have found THE place. Dr Janowski and it’s amazingly professional staff truly care and deliver excellent results and customer service. I live in Denver and dont mind the drive here in Broomfield just to be taken care of by Dr. Janowski. Great.. Great.. Great!!!*

Dr. Janowski is a true artist with his administration of Botox. His talent is incomparable to any other doctor I have used before and to the work I have seen on other women by other doctors. I am an actress from NYC & Beverly Hills and I KNOW what bad, artificial botox treatments look like and Dr. Janowski is the only doctor I would ever allow near my face. The Botox treatments he provides me and his other clients leaves the appearance of NATURAL, youthful skin which has been undetectable by friends and even family! I would never trust anyone else with my face – like I stated earlier: Dr. Janowski is a true artist with his botox treatments and I am so grateful for his talent! (I would also like to mention his office staff, Krystyna, Jeanette and Liz – who always add the professional, kind, and caring treatment any client could hope for when receiving services – such a wonderful experience everytime!)* Leslie B.e B.

I love this whole office staff. Dr. Janowski is the very best doctor i have had to do botox and juvederm. I had someone in Florida do my lips and i looked like a duck… It was awful. Dr. Janowski did them perfect. He is amazing. I also recently tried the TNS essentials…i cannot believe how great my skin looks on my face. Super friendly, accomodating and they listen!*

Dr J is fantastic! I drive all the way from Summit Co just to see him. He is extremely professional, listens intently to what I want, and injections don’t hurt at all! He is so worth it!*

I came to Dr Janowski’s office for the first time on March 4th 2014. My first time for fillers!!!! I was soooo happy with results that I won’t be going any where else except here!! I love the fact that Dr Janowski listened to all of my concerns and never rushed thru the time I spent with him. Im very thankful to know there are still Drs out there who really care about their patients!!! His staff is very friendy and kind!!! Over all…I feel blessed to have met such waunderful and caring people!!!*

I found Dr. Janowski on line after searching through the internet for a place to have my botox done. The Reviews and interviews highly recommended this place. I called and made an appointment for a consultation, came in and the staff is very friendly. I sat down and discussed what i wanted and the dr listened and explored the options with the results i was looking for. I chose doing the botox and fillers and the results were amazing. I would not go anywhere else and have been coming here for almost a year and would recommend this place to anyone considering having any kind of cosmetics done.*

Best botox ever !!! I moved from CA. & this is my new Botox Team !!!! Thank you !!!*

I have seen Dr. Janowski several times now. The staff is wonderful. The doctor, however, is why I go back. This doctor takes extra time to answer all of my questions and help ease my concerns with good information. This doctor did my botox and fillers and made them look so natural. He hasn’t tried to sell me anything more than what would look great for me. He has even told me I don’t need services I thought I wanted when he could have sold me on them. I am thrilled I found Dr. Janowski.*

They were great!! Very personable and the doctor was very knowledgeable. Will be going back for sure:) Thank you!!*

The doctor and staff are friendly and extremely knowledgable which made me feel comfortable and satisfied with my experience. I would highly recommend Sonata to others.*

I have been using Dr. J for over 3 years and have loved the results!*

I’m thrilled! This experience has exceeded my expectations. Dr. J. an d the staff are wonderful.*

Your staff and doctor are the greatest!*

He is the best!! I believe that his knowledge is excellent and the procedure method is outstanding and precise.*

I will never go anywhere else.*

Great doctor, great staff.  I feel like I’m at home.*

Great experience. Dr. J. is caring and attentive.  The office staff is professional and called me the day after my procedure to check up on me!*

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Janowski’s for about 7 years now and I am very satisfied with the EVERYTHING I have had done. He does a beautiful job and treats me with respect and dignity. His staff is great!*

The staff provides excellent customer service and they know what products to recommend to their clientele. They are proficient and excell in the aesthietics business!!*

Dr. Janowski and his staff were very friendly, helpful, and welcoming. I like the fact that, at Sonata, the doctor does all injections himself — other places I have been in the past have non-physicians doing the work. The doctor and his staff were not only super nice, but very informative and patient, answering all of my questions happily, which made me feel more comfortable than other places I have been in the past. I will definitely go to Sonata again!*

Convenient, professional, very friendly…and perfect results! On top of that I earned rewards towards future visits! I’m definitely a repeat customer. So glad I found Sonata :)*

I am beyond satisfied with this office. I would recommend to anyone, and have. The office staff; particularly Jeanette, is very accommodating and provides excellent customer service. Dr. Janowski takes time with his patients and injections are very fast and relatively painless.*

I am very HAPPY the results of my procedure!  The dr. explained how the product works, where it can be used and had some great recommendations.  :)*

I think Sonata Aesthetics & Weight Loss is the REAL deal. FInally a doctor who won’t sell you what you don’t need and truly listens to your issues and makes time, which is rare to find these days.  I recommend Dr. Janowski to anyone, he is the best!  The staff is beyond nice, helpful and informative.*

The customer service was top rate.  I was greeted warmly even though I was nearly 10 minutes late.  I received a phone call the day after my appointment to find out if I had any questions.  I really appreciated that they didn’t just forget about me once I walked out the door.  They seemed to really be concerned with how I was doing after the procedure.  The doctor knew exactly what was necessary, without overdoing it, and provided the services with perfect results. My results with Dr. Janowski are better than results I’ve received elsewhere.*


Once you enter, you can immediately feel the totally calming, caring
environment.  I wanted to stay in the chair and gaze out the window for hours.

The office has a great view. The staff is knowledgable and professional. I feel it is very important to have an MD administer treatments and that is how Dr. Janowski operates his office.*

Everyone was so friendly! The doctor answered all my questions and gave me great recommendations. I was nervous(as always for injections) but he made me feel comfortable and was very gentle. I am very pleased already with my results and can’t wait to go back!*

Best Botox I have ever had.  I am a new customer and it was perfect.  I can highly recommend.*

I had a wonderful experience.  Everyone was very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  This office is out of my way but I know I will make the drive to go back.*

Amazing! I am SOOO happy!*

Thank you for being so imaginative and fun.  I am glad to brag on you and your office.  It is a joy to arrive and be cared for by Dr. Janowski and his staff.*

I recently moved to the area and found Dr. Janowski’s office by happenstance. I’ve been amazed by the professionalism, knowledge, friendliness and customer care/satisfaction that not only Dr. Janowski, but his entire staff provides.  I am very pleased with the results from the services provided, and feel fortunate to have found such a wonderful office.*

My first visit to Sonata was a great experience. Liz was helpful via email before I made my appointment and I felt very comfortable from the moment I walked in. Dr Janowski explained all my options and the possible risks associated with the treatment I chose. I had 24 units of Botox around my eyes and am very happy with the results!*

I have, over these last few years, had the opportunity to experience firsthand, the professionalism and positive results that have been achieved through various procedures performed by Dr. Janowski. My goal has always been to preserve as much as possible, a more youthful appearance, without that “worked on”, unnatural look. In addition, as with most people, there are budgetary considerations. I feel that these goals have been achieved with the help of Dr. Janowski, diet, exercise and healthy living.*

I have only had 1 office visit so far.  I must say first…… the office is decorated more like a home !!  I love it it, it is so warm and welcoming and beautifully done.Secondly, everyone there makes you feel welcome and more like family! I hope to visit again soon.*

You are all dedicated professionals and you have a winning business!*

I was very impressed with the service and will definitely be a repeat customer in the future!*

They were great   and punctual!   Also most places aren’t   experienced in filler under the eyes and he did a fabulous job!  It’s pretty far out of my way but I’m more   than willing to make the drive again.*

Best botox I ever received!  Dr. J did a great job with 40 units.  I will be back to see him soon!*

Dr. Janowski and his staff have always been available for me. Kind, courteous, and very friendly.*

Doctor and staff are knowledgeable and caring.  The botox I had done previously worked out great – good results with considerably less product than other doctors had used.   The office environment is nice, and I highly recommend Sonata Aesthetics & Weight Loss!*

Dr. Janowski is the most favorite of my doctors.  :)*

Dr. Janowski’s offices are beautiful and the staff is so accomodating and gracious. The experience was top tier and I would recommend to anyone.*

This was my first time using Botox and Juvederm. Dr Janowski was very helpful in explaining different treatment options and this made me feel very comfortable. Great results!*

Dr. Janowski’s offices are beautiful and the staff is so accomodating and gracious. The experience was top tier and I would recommend to anyone.*

Staff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. Booking appointments was completely easy (no long waits to get in). The Dr. was fabulous! He was extremely confident in his abilities and I know why. I am absolutely amazed with my results. Having fillers in the under-eye area had me worried, but the Dr. did an amazing job. I had absolutely no bruising or swelling and my fillers gave me a look like I have been on a restul vacation. I cannot stress the amount of improvement this procedure has given me. I know that Dr. Janowski was the reason for these amazing results! He did a perfect job, and the fact that I had no bruising or swelling amazes me. Along with the results they have great communication. I was able to message back and forth with the office over e-mails at all times of the day (after office hours) which came to be very convinent when my multiple questions came to mind. I would never visit another Dr. I feel that I was extremely lucky that the first Dr. I visited is the best.*

The staff was extremely friendly and the office had a very comforting atmosphere. The doctor went over the procedure very thoroughly and we made a plan for that day and future visits. He performed the procedure with little to minimal pain and I was out in 20 minutes. Very happy with the results and have recommended him to several of my friends. Looking forward to going back!!!*

It was “by chance” that I found Dr. Janowski’s office. Being new to the area, I let the Internet help me make my selection – and a good one it was.

Dr. J has been very professional attending to my needs yet personal. I appreciate that!

His work has exceeded expectations and I will continue to use his services.

The staff in his office is a joy! They too add the right amoung of personal and professional touch to each visit!*

Everyone at Sonata is wonderful! Always so accomodating and pleasant.*

Just such a happy place to go! I don’t really think of this place as the dr.s office it is so home-like!*

Thank you! It is wonderful to have such a trusted doctor to work with. Thanks for keeping me looking great! (and nobody can pinpoint why!).*


Dr. Janowski is amazing! His mannerism is so personal and based on the specific person. I started with him in 2007 and continue to come as ofter as I feel fit too, and you don’t find this care anywhere. Dr. Janowski is very kind, nurturing and very passionate about his work with me. I have been to many doctors in my time and no one has treated me better than he has. I also enjoy his staff Jeanette and Krystyna. The office is so warm and cozy (like home). Thanks Dr. Janowski and staff for being there for me!*

Great Doctor. He is very caring and respectful of your needs. I did not have to wait but 5 minutes, the staff was extremly helpful as well and very welcoming. I would recommend Dr. Janowski to everyone.*

This was a great experience!  I just moved here from Highlands Ranch and was very pleased to find an office that is so professional, kind and caring!  Thank you!*

The staff and environment are lovely. The procedure was extremely effective. A 10 out of 10!*

Dr. Janowski and his team (Krystyna and Jeanette) are highly capable professionals with exceptional customer service. Each has an ability to make you feel at ease and comfortable asking any questions and then take any amount of time in addressing each of your concerns. There is no applying of “sales” pressure to sign up for other procedures.*

Dr. Janowski is a great listener! He’s very good at what he does and I can only give him the highest recommendation.*

*Results may vary from patient to patient