Before & After Images

All images are actual patients of Dr. Janowski and Sonata Aesthetics!

Precision Neck Lift

The Precision micro-surgical neck lift allows for very precise results and a targeted treatment. Combining both laser skin tightening and liposuction, a small cannula is inserted under the skin. The cannula has a laser tip and delivers laser tightening subcutaneously, which offer effective skin contraction. Additionally, the laser melts away fat in the treated areas, which can then by gently and precisely removed by Dr. Janowski. Read more here...

non surgical neck lift
non surgical neck lift in broomfield colorado
micro surgical neck lift
neck lift in denver colorado

Renuvion with J Plasma

As Dr. Janowski likes to say, Renuvion, powered by J Plasma is like pushing the "reset" button on your skin. Surgical facelift procedures can lift and “reposition” skin on your face to create a younger look, but there are many down sides including cost and recovery time. Additionally, a surgical facelift does not resurface the skin, and you are left with the same, discolored and damaged skin. Renuvion, on the other hand, both dramatically contracts the skin as well as completely removing the damage you've accumulated on your skin over the years. Read more here...

j plasma non surgical facelift in broomfield colorado
renuvion with j plasma in broomfield colorado
j plasma to erase lines around the mouth
non surgical facelift before and after
non surgical eye lift


Very simply put, blepharoplasty is a surgical operation that removes small amounts of excess skin from the upper eyelid. Eyelid surgery can be performed for a variety of reasons - from correcting defects or disfigurations of the eyelids, to modifying the region for aesthetic purposes. It can be a very effective way to improve sight in older patients whose upper eyelids get in the way of their vision. Read more here...

Non-surgical nose job

A non surgical nose job allows you to change the shape of your nose without going through surgery. In as little as ten minutes, you can get rid of unsightly humps, bumps, troughs, and more. No downtime, no bruising, and results are visible immediately—you don’t have to wait a year for them to “mature.” And it’s not long-lasting. If you don’t like the results, you can go back to your old nose by simply dissolving the filler used. Read more here...

non surgical nose job in denver colorado
non surgical nose job in broomfield colorado

Lip Augmentation

Full lips can help you look more attractive and more youthful. If you are unhappy with thin lips, whether because you’ve always had thin lips or because your lips have thinned with age, lip plumping with lip injections can help you achieve the look you want. Read more here...

lip augmentation in broomfield colorado


At Sonata, we combine tumescent liposuction with "tickle" technology that allows for a much more gentle procedure and even an easier recovery. The "tickle" is simply vibrational energy delivered to a vibrating cannula that actually “tickles” the patient, and extracts fat more gently. Read more here...

liposuction on the mid section
liposuction in the mid section in broomfield, colorado
liposuction on the flanks in denver colorado

Facelift with Threads

We love threads at Sonata because they are a unique facial rejuvenation procedure that lifts and contours the skin without the need for surgery or general anesthesia - and no scarring! It's a simple in-office procedure that is often called a "one-hour" or "lunchtime" facelift. Read more here...

mint thread lift denver colorado

Peels, Halo, and facials

Our medical facials and peels are designed to not just rejuvenate your facial appearance, but improve the health of your skin. There is no single formula we use—each one is custom-designed for you. A medical facial or peel can be designed to help improve the appearance of your skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and uneven skin color. It can also be designed as a medical treatment, intended to treat acne, rosacea, and other skin health issues. Read more here...

Fat Grafting 

Fat Grafting, also known as Fat Transfer, is one of our most advanced and beloved procedures. Taking your own fat from an area on the body where you don't want it, purifying it, and re-injecting it in to a place where you have lost volume, or have a deformity, can be life-changing. Read more here...

Chin Augmentation & Jawline definition

The chin is an area that most people don’t think about when it comes to facial aesthetics. But it is an important one. Much of what we do in both surgical and non-surgical aesthetics is attempt to correct areas that are not in proportion to the areas around them. With fillers, this can be accomplished in a number of areas of the face, such as lips, cheeks, and temples. If we bring structures into balance, the overall face is much more aesthetically pleasing. Read more here...

before and after image of chin augmentation